Apt Package RepoApt package repository for my projects and other projects I enjoy
Audio Format CompareCompare some audio formats that all modern browsers support
Basic setup of an Aerohive WiFi AP via CLI
CheezyPuzzle game; clear the grid of cheese
Colour ClockA clock as a colour wheel
Decimal TimeDisplay time in analogue decimal format
FireworksHanabi card keeper and basic logic handler
GPG KeyMy GPG key
GitHubMy GitHub account
How to install GRUB to a CD-R
Nodecore RecipesRecipe book for the Minetest game Nodecore
Passive Audible ClockWebpage that beeps at predictable times
Pong with browser windowsPlay pong against a wall with web browser windows
Rectangle ResizeScale a rectangle to a given area
Rubik's FacesWhat moves to do to get one face of a Rubik's cube to look like this?
SPJCA simple application-layer message-passing protocol
Simple ERDEasier to remember and faster to write than crow's foot
SubsquareDisplay maidenhead locator (any length) as a rectangle on a map
Talking ClockSpeak the time by jumping around a single audio file
Unix Time ClockDisplay unix time in analogue format
Worded TimeDisplay time in words by lighting up letters