Bookmarks Minetest location bookmarks mod github
Spiphis Superfast port scanner github
TomThumb Automatic external drive cacher github
Worded Time Display time in words by lighting up letters
Decimal Time Display time in analogue decimal format
NodeCore Recipes Recipe book for the Minetest game NodeCore
Subsquare Maidenhead Locator System; any length locators
XOR Encryption De/encrypt text and data via bit-wise XOR with other text or data
Cheezy Puzzle game; clear the grid of cheese github
Fireworks Hanabi card keeper and basic logic handler
Hex Strategy board game for two players
GitHub @jkoop
Reddit u/jkoop_ca
Stack Exchange @jkoop
Twitter @jkoop_ca
Wikipedia @jkoop
YouTube "Joe Koop"
Amateur Radio VA4JDK in the EN19 square
GPG Key 0xB2D0C6242D5AC1FF

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