some of my projects

audio-format-compare compare audio formats and bitrates
decimal-time display time in analogue decimal format
passive-audible-clock webpage that beeps at predictable times
rectangle-resize scale a rectangle to a given area
subsquare display maidenhead locator (any length) as a rectangle on a map
talking-clock speak the time by jumping around a single audio file
unix-time-clock display unix time in analogue format
worded-time display time in words by lighting up letters


nodecore-recipes recipe book for the minetest game nodecore
basic setup of an aerohive wifi ap via cli


cheezy puzzle game; clear the grid of cheese
fireworks hanabi card keeper and basic logic handler


github @jkoop
stack exchange @jkoop
wikipedia User:Jkoop
gpg key 0xb2d0c6242d5ac1ff