Audio Format CompareCompare some audio formats that all modern browsers support
CheezyPuzzle game; clear the grid of cheese
Decimal TimeDisplay time in analogue decimal format
FireworksHanabi card keeper and basic logic handler
Nodecore RecipesRecipe book for the Minetest game Nodecore
Passive Audible ClockWebpage that beeps at predictable times
Rectangle ResizeScale a rectangle to a given area
Rubik's FacesWhat moves to do to get one face of a Rubik's cube to look like this?
Simple ERDEasier to remember and faster to write than crow's foot
SubsquareDisplay maidenhead locator (any length) as a rectangle on a map
Talking ClockSpeak the time by jumping around a single audio file
Unix Time ClockDisplay unix time in analogue format
Worded TimeDisplay time in words by lighting up letters
Apt Package RepoApt package repository for my projects and other projects I enjoy
Basic setup of an Aerohive WiFi AP via CLI
GitHubGitHub account of Joe Koop
GPG KeyGPG key of Joe Koop
How to install GRUB to a CD-R