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Screenshot TomThumb is a BASH script that, when a USB stick is inserted, will smartly skip the files it can, and copy the USB stick to your local drive; specifically, ~/.tomthumb/UUID=/$UUID/$DATE/ (example: /home/joek/.tomthumb/UUID=/7A9D-5FEC/2019-08-16_21-49-20/).

Table of Contents

  1. Features
  2. Dependencies
  3. Configuration
  4. Installation
  5. Documentation
    1. Usage

Quick Stats

First Release2 Sept 2019
Latest Release2 Sept 2019
Latest Versionv0.1.0
DownloadsDownloads Page
PlatformLM v19 / BASH v4.4.20





  1. Install dependencies
    sudo apt install jdupes rsync
  2. Copy file to .tomthumb/ in your home folder: $HOME/.tomthumb/
     └─ .tomthumb/
         ├─ UUID=/
         ├─ your links
         └─ to UUIDs
  3. Make a bookmark to ~/.tomthumb/:
  4. Add ~/.tomthumb/ to your list of startup applications:
    1. Open the "start" menu
    2. Search for "start"
    3. Open "Startup Applications"
    4. At the bottom of the window, click the + button, then "Custom command"
    5. Command: ~/.tomthumb/
    6. Delay: 5 seconds
    7. Click "Add", and close Startup Applications
  5. Relogin, or run:
    ~/.tomthumb/ & disown



  1. Insert a USB stick, and wait for Mint to detect it, etc.
  2. A terminal will pop up:

    Your sudo password is used only to get the filesystem's UUID, and for syncing, as seen on lines 35 and 63.

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