How to play Rummy-K

You need:
A total of two to four players
An area in the middle of the table, called "the board"
A "stand" for each player to keep their tiles private (see figure 1)
Tiles: (see figure 2)
Four colours: black, red, yellow, and blue
From one to thirteen twice with each colour
Plus two wild cards
A standard Rummy-O set works great for this. The die is not needed

Setting up:
Shuffle the tiles face-down
Each player takes fourteen tiles and puts them on their stands
Put the remaining tiles off to the side as the "draw pile"
Select a player to start

The goal of the game is to be the first to run out of tiles, a.k.a. "to set out"
Rummy-K is about "sets" and "runs" (see figure 3)
Sets are groups of tiles of the same number
Sets may not have more than one tile of the same colour
Runs are groups of tiles that ascend in order without skipping
Runs wrap around
There must be at least three tiles in sets and runs
You may not play onto existing sets or runs if you have not put out a set or run at least one turn before
You may rearrange the board
Wilds cards do not take on a permenant identity
You are not required to put tiles out if you can
You may put out just one tile per turn, if the board results in being made up of only valid sets and runs

Start your turn by puting down tiles on the board in sets and/or runs
If you cannot put out tiles to start your turn, pick one up. Your turn ends
If you can, keep going (if you want), otherwise, end your turn
End your turn by saying so. Although you may still put tiles out if the next player hasn't yet

Whoever sets out first, wins